Lake and River Rafting

Explore with Grabner ADVENTURE TEAM for up to 10 people with or without the accompaniment of a guide.

Type 1 - Equipped with 6 inflated seat rolls the team becomes, relative to its size, a real "lightweight".
Type 2 - Fitted with 6 seatboards made of plywood for comfy and stability.

Is your clothes waterproof? Now, let's get wet and wild! Pure weather, nature and lake! In this group event men and women are sitting all on the same boat. To tame the lake and to prevent the boat from capsizing, all participants' have to stick together in order to successfully maneuver as a team. During the trip, participants' will be accompanied by a trained and certified boat captain, who will also impart the precautions around the lake before the tour starts.

Apart from water sport and strength-sapping paddle actions you will have adequate time to enjoy the lovely scenery and the beauty of nature. Boating serves as a means for mutual understanding using team spirit. Basic idea is, of course, together you'll sit on the boat and together you'll overcome the challenge. Through this, the shared experiences of the team will notably increase and sharpen understanding to one another.

For your safety, water rescue and Red Cross on Lake Niedernberg can be arranged for an additional fee depending on group size, time and material costs.

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