SUP Rental for Groups only - 4 Boards or more

You are guest at the Seehotel? If so SUP rentals can be arranged by our agency.
Please see rental prices for both hotel and day guests below:

SGL SUP 1 person at 15 € 0,5 hrs
SGL SUP 1 person at 20 € 1,0 hrs
SGL SUP 1 person at 30 € 2,0 hrs
Family SUP 1-2 person (1 adult + kid) at 20 € 0,5 hrs
Family SUP 1-2 person (1 adult + kid) at 25 € 1,0 hrs
Family SUP 1-2 person (1 adult + kid) at 40 € 2,0 hrs
Tandem SUP 2 person at 25 € 0,5 hrs
Tandem SUP 2 person at 40 € 1,0 hrs
Tandem SUP 2 person at 60 € 2,0 hrs
BIG SUP 6-7 person at 120 € 1,0 hrs
BIG SUP 6-7 person at 180 € 2,0 hrs

(All above mentioned rates are cash prices on-site and are based on request and availability. Billing through hotel or payment by card: for Payment by EC, Master Card, Amex, PayPal etc. a transaction fee per SUP of 1-2€ is required. For written offers / proposals and company invoicing all our prices are exclusive of VAT ; all above rates are subject to change without prior notice)

After a short introduction to our SUPs on land, we are very pleased to do so if required, you or your team are welcome to explore and experience the lake and surroundings by yourself. Lake access for hotel guests is free. Due to limited beach access day guests are kindly asked to get in touch with hotel for reservations or entrance fee. For more information please directly contact the hotel. Thanks for your kind understanding!

Unfortunately, we do not accept individual reservations for weekends, public holidays or during summer high season!

If you’re a hotel guest or day guest at the beach area we are pleased to welcome you at our SUP point next to the lake. If open we are more than happy to provide equipment and will truly find a slot time for you that fits! Without reservation and if you are flexible in terms of time and date we are happy to welcome you at the beach between 11:30am  - 16:30pm. This of course depending on agency booking status, hotel occupancy and overall weather condition.

We are not open 24/7!!

However, in case of a guaranteed booking (rental prices above) or a Team Event we will be happy to offer you a number of boards (starting from 5) and will send you an offer via eMail. Please direct all reservations to - unfortunately we will not be able to accept bookings on phone. Accompanied events for groups (5 boards +) start from 2 HOURS at €69 p.P. Various boards, coach, training and support on water is included.

Boards available:

6x SGL iSUP 1 person
4x Family iSUP 1+ person (adult + kid)
2x Tandem iSUP 2 person
2x Big iSUP up to 7 person
1x SUP-Stern iSUP Dock up to 8 Boards