Buzzer Time – Our Quiz World

This game is based on the well-known television concept "questions-answers" game show, players' need to press their buzzer to be the first to answer question. This means it's not just about being smart, it's also about team responds, time and speed.

If you are in Marketing field, or into restructure the company, launching new products on the market or simply breaking new ground in business. Why not provide exciting business news to your employees playing fun games!

Tell us your questions or topic – we'll create a unique quiz for you and your colleagues. The winning team is the team with the most correct answers.

Predone questions are from the following areas:

  • Germany Quiz
  • Europe Quiz
  • Football Quiz
  • Nature & Animals
  • The Human Being
  • Famous People
  • World's Greatest Inventions
  • Our Earth
  • Music Quiz
  • The Animal Kingdom Record Quiz

Or, your customized quiz with specific questions about your own topic and themes!

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