We do it outdoors ...

…facilitate outdoor events, impulse and unique experiences. With more than 80 small and large events facilitated throughout the year, we are challenging your employees' and colleagues'. Nationwide, we organize company outings, team events and other programs such as boat trips on the Main River, adventure on sea or land, rallies, scavenger hunts and much more.

We offer modules for incentives, events and meetings, thus supporting trainers' and personnel developers in implementing team-building activities. That's how a successful team- development works, the result is continuous and sustainable motivation.

Take your suit and tie off as all of that will remain in the cabinet. Then, do you believe that good teams' are formed through telephone conference, meetings or endless presentation on flipchart? Certainly not!

Communication, cooperation and creativity are now complex challenges of everyday life. Most solutions can be developed only in the group, that’s why we need to focus on our team. Cap good workshops not only with Power Point but with successful team building EVENTS and unleash the team's motivation.

Shared experiences weld your team together and promote camaraderie in one fell swoop. How? We provide necessary IMPULSE and deliver the right concept, to create single individual as a whole. We don’t always invent a new wheel, but rather find an individual way to break the well trodden path and to discover new.

Shared EXPERIENCES apart from daily routine connect and foster team effectiveness. Please do not be surprised if it then still is at outrageously fun. That's even without biscuits and coffee breaks. Of course, defined objective or structure assist in the implementation of ideas. Good communication with each other promotes understanding in many situations. Success is defined by the achievement of set goals. But, why some people are more successful than others? Because they communicate better and can achieve their goals. You can also do that! Only when you know each other, you will also understand the other me! Only when one understands the other, one can also gain around. People, who can win also, win influence and success. If people have a mutual success, business wins.

We are delighted to help improve your communication and lead you to success! From individual talents to team contribution, your success as a Group.